Why sleep positioners are banned

Why not to use sleep positioners

To be honest I was a bit surprised when FDA and CPSC issued their warning for parents not to use baby
sleep positioners. I believed that baby sleep positioners made babies sleep more safely, that’s why I made my website in the first place.
Of course, there were always few negative comments about these products, but also a lot of parents were happy with using them.

So I was very interested to find out why they’ve banned them all of a sudden.

Well, as it seems, over the last 13 years CPSC and FDA got 12 reports of infants between 1-4 months old who have died when they suffocated in these positioners. Dozens of parents also reported how they have placed their infants on their backs or sides in sleep positioners, only to found them later in potentially dangerous positions inside or out the sleep positioners.

Companies who produced these products claimed that their products can reduce the risk of SIDS. However, currently there are no scientific evidence to back up these claims.
Additionaly, The American Academy of Pediatrics have been advising parents for some time to avoid any commercial
devices which are marketed to reduce the risk of SIDS

Therefore, there is no evidence that they can improve baby’s safety, and they can even be dangerous – as they have been known to suffocate babies when they are not able to move their face away from the bolsters.

So what can parents do to maximize their child’s safety?

Parents should rely on tested methods to reduce the risk of SIDS. Here are tips for SIDS prevention:

  • Sleeping on the back (put your baby to sleep on his or her back)
  • breastfeeding – recent study shows that breast feeding reduces the risk of SIDS by approximately 50% at all infant ages (Vennemann MM, Bajanowski T, Brinkmann B, et al. (March 2009). “Does breastfeeding reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome?”)
  • Secondhand smoke reduction – Avoid exposing the infant to smoke
  • use bare crib and a firm mattress – “Product safety experts advise against using pillows, sleep positioners, bumper pads, stuffed animals, or fluffy bedding in the crib and recommend instead dressing the child warmly and keeping the crib “naked.”*
  • using baby sleep bags (for example Merino Baby Sleep Bag) –

    “A study published in the European Journal of Pediatrics in August 1998 has shown the protective effects of a sleep sack as reducing the incidence of turning from back to front during sleep, reinforcing putting a baby to sleep on its back for placement into the sleep sack and preventing bedding from coming up over the face which leads to increased temperature and carbon dioxide re-breathing.”*

*For more details about SIDS and its prevention visit: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudden_infant_death_syndrome

Alternatives to sleep positioners

Ok, let’s see two alternatives to baby sleep positioners.

1. Baby sleep bags

I already mentioned above, how a study confirmed baby sleep bag can reduce the risk of SIDS.

One such baby sleep bag with great feedback is Merino Baby Sleep Bag

2. Tucker Sling matress

For babies who need to be elevated, Tucker Sling Matress is a FDA registered product (as stated on official
website), which may be used for babies with GER/acid reflux or respiratory problems

End of baby sleep positioners?

Baby sleep positioners are history, as it seems.
On 29th September 2010, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and Federal Drug Administration warned customers to STOP using sleep positioners.
Here is what they say:

Over the past 13 years, CPSC and the FDA have received 12 reports of infants between the ages of one month and four months who died when they suffocated in sleep positioners or became trapped and suffocated between a sleep positioner and the side of a crib or bassinet.
“The deaths and dangerous situations resulting from the use of infant sleep positioners are a serious concern to CPSC,” said CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum. We urge parents and caregivers to take our warning seriously and stop using these sleep positioners, so that children can have a safer sleep.
“We want to make sure parents, health care professionals, and childcare providers understand the potential risk of suffocation and stop using infant sleep positioners.

Most stores I checked already withdrawn them from sale. So, is that the end of baby sleep positioners? Well, it certainly looks so.

But as I noticed, baby sleep bags are still on sale and they are still on the safe list.

We wrote about them before, so if you read our article you know that they are promoted as a sleeping product which reduces the risk of SIDS. Are they to replace the baby sleep positioners? Or will producers come up with a new product?

Well, will have to wait and see.

Till then, you can check out the Merino Kids Baby Sleep Bag.
Reviews of this product are extremely positive (it’s hard to find a review rated less than 5 stars). I really hope our children can be safe with this product.



12 Easy steps to throw a successful baby shower

Are you looking for tips to plan Awesome Baby shower? Don’t worry you’re at right place.I know you are so confused that how to do it at best. Don’t! I will tell you that how to plan an awesome baby shower for your coming baby girl or boy.


The first thing you have to do is select a theme. Think about your friend’s parties and programs hosted in past. I am going to tell you in a few simple steps, but while reading this you should also have your own idea in your mind.

Here are some important steps listed below, you can change them according to your choices.
(i) – Mummy should select the time,date and place when and where to hold the baby shower. This can either be at a venue or at home.
(ii) – Mummy or Daddy, or the most responsible one should be selected to list the things she needs and list of people to be invited.
(iii) – Use the internet for inpiration.Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Google are the best choices to find ideas.
(iv) – Now its time to make final decisions about Theme, decoration and games.For example, if you select Strawberries and chocolate then your theme may be Pink & brown or what you want.Use White and pink balloons for decoration of your home.Instruct your cook to make pink and white foods and dishes. Use pink and white furniture, curtains, nail polishes, glass containers, ..
(v) – After planning these basic and important things, its time to send beautiful invitations to your Friends and family. You can easily invite them on social media in minutes like facebook and twitter. You can also hire a graphic card designer (it may be expensive) to make a Beautiful Invitation Card for you containg your theme colours and layout for your baby shower.
(vi) – Make a list and go shopping! Go to a single shop where all baby shower products can be purchased under one roof to decrease your stress level.
(vii) – Plan the food menu according to your theme.For example, your theme is pink and white and your time is Morning.So the main foods and drinks will be; Champagne Breakfast and a sweet buffet. Don’t forget to decorate a Savoury Table, you can buy thing from a market or can make at home if you have sufficient time.

Here is the list:
* Cheese and Ham Platter
* Pikelets
* Muffins
* Croissants
* Hash Browns
* Scones
* Cream and Jam
* Tea and Coffee

For Sweet Buffet Table, keep them unpacked and styled in glass containers and mason jars.The main foods will be:
* Pink Butterfly Cupcakes
* Coconut Ice (Theme related colour)
* Caramel Popcorn
* Pink and white Marshmellows
* Strawberry

To style the table and other decoration, the main things you will need are:

* White and pink table cloth (Theme ralated colour)
* Glass bowls, Glass vases and other things you will need.
* Pink and white straws
* Cupcakes Stand
(viii) – Now you are free from stressful work, its time to design and print activites like games and events.Some best games are:
* Size up the Belly: All you need is some string and a pair of scissors. Have your guests cut the string at the size they believe would fit perfect around the pregnant belly. Afterwards the one who’s closest to the actual size wins
* Daddy knows best: Draw up a list of questions for the dad. Have him answer them on paper. At the baby shower have the mom-to-be predict how her partner answered the questions. In return the guests may guess how many questions she’ll predict. Whoever is closest, wins!

Some best activities are:

* Best Wishes for Baby: Have a wall in your child’s bedroom painted in chalkboard paint. Guests then write their best wishes for the baby on that wall.
* Some Advice for mummy: Especially when it’s her first child a few tips & tricks might come in handy

(iv) – Ask your and your husband friends for some suggestions and tips if they already held a Baby Shower.
(x) – Don’t forget your elders to get involved in this program. First of all invite your mom and dad and your husband mom and dad and their family. Also ask them for some suggestions and they have more experience than you and me.
(xi) – Make list of jobs to do for your family members and close friends.Make a timetable for every activity, so that the program will be done in a specific duration.
(xii) – The last step is to make a complete script for yourself and for your workers like cookers and servants. Everyone should have its own list of works to do at their time. No one should be late. Make your own or ask any expert to draw a full map of this baby shower program for you to make it a successful baby shower and unforgetable for your guests.

My own suggestion for a MOM:

You are very lucky to have a baby, which is a biggest gift there is, so always take care of it and never forget that it is your foreduty to take care of your baby at any cost.
For any help and suggestion about baby shower feel free to post a comment below.

Baby Christmas Ornaments from Country Porch

baby ornamentBeing able to encompass the entire Christmas spirit in your home relies mainly on the kind of decorations that you’re able to get your hands on. One of these that can be quite a nice addition to your home are the baby Christmas ornaments and this is more so the case considering that the event is simply about the birth of Christ and this gives it more meaning. However, a lot of the stores concentrate on Santa, Christmas trees and a variety of other very popular ornaments but never really consider stocking baby ornaments. If you have been looking for an idea place where you can be able to get baby Christmas ornaments, then Country Porch is the ideal place. Here are the other reasons as to why this might be the best place for your baby Christmas ornaments.

baby ornament2This is one of the most important factors that a lot of buyers are constantly looking for. This is because it increases the chances of you not only getting what you’re looking for but you have more pieces to choose from and if that is not enough, then you have more chances of getting something unique with the kind of variety that Country Porch has to offer.

It would not make sense to have all the variety but make the baby Christmas ornaments virtually unaffordable. That is why at Country Porch, you’re not only able to get the best possible variety but you’re also able to get this at an affordable price which then makes it ideal for the customer to be able to buy more pieces to give their home a more wholesome feel by getting more and more baby ornaments.

Easy to use
Country Porch is an online based platform which allows for convenience as the customers are able to get variety at the tips of their fingers and at the same time allows them to shop from the comfort of their home and finally, the customer is also able to use the user friendly interface which makes the experience not only simple but also very convenient.

Obesity in children and teenagers

sandwichLet’s face it. Being overweight as a teen is unpleasant to say the least.Many overweight and obese teens find themselves at the butt of many jokes and are often the target of bullying and ridicule. Many teens who are overweight or obese suffer from a lack of self esteem because of their inability to participate in physical activities such as sports or other social events. Studies suggest that while an overweight teen’s self esteem is influenced by the acceptance of the parents of their overweight condition, the truth is that there are many elements that contribute to a teen’s self esteem during this tumultuous time. Being overweight or obese as a teen as a direct relationship to a teen’s self esteem.

The following is a list of key findings over the last 20 years that prove the relationship between obesity and low self esteem in teens: Beginning at age 8, being overweight or obese as a child has detrimental effects on the emotional development of children as a result of social pressures. This is more pronounced in households where parents tease children for being overweight. While being overweight alone is not a risk factor for clinical depression, being overweight can be a contributor to social ridicule and low self esteem.

For quality resources on how to cope with unhealthy weight in children visit www.wellfedchildren.com

Zazzle store introduces refreshing flowers on your baby and daily products

I recently met with a lady who had walked down to our office for some official work. Interestingly, she carried a bunch of flowers for the person she came to meet. Those were from her garden and she wished to share her happiness, as she called them, with people around. Flowers and gardens are a passion for many and for others, they are the most beautiful things on earth. Some people share the passion of capturing these colorful flowers in the frames while some others go ahead to use them in the daily products that we use. Using real photographs on products such as coffee mugs, clothes is an extremely common phenomena and more so, in the case of the baby products.

snapdragon_pink_flower_pacifierFlowers by DWW2591 Zazzle store offers a unique shopping experience wherein the flowers from the owner’s gardens are captured as photographs and used on the variety of products such as on clothes, accessories, home and pet products, cards and postage, art and posters, office products, electronic items and other products. Accessory bags, address labels, canvas bags, coffee mugs, compact mirrors, cutting boards with the images of the garden flowers are also available.

There are a variety of baby products available as well. Beginning from the pacifiers to baby T shirts to opened burp clothes, all these products are available with the images of the garden flowers on them. Making the baby products different by using flowers instead of the usual cartoons, etc. these products are unique and refreshing to look at. The products are available at a price range of $12 to $25.

The creative team at this Zazzle store are a passionate bunch of people based out of Redwood City and San Jose, California, who despite having grown by leaps and bounds stay as humble as they can be and work towards bringing the customer’s unique vision to reality in a range of products in endless ways. With the use of some of the hardest and difficult technologies and cutting edge software, the team at DWW2591 create some of the most unique and customized products available in an array of categories.

The 15 Most Important Baby Proofing Tips

Preparing for the arrival of a little one means a lot of excitement and changes, and it is important to focus on making your home as safe as possible for your new baby. The following tips will help you as you seek to create a safe space for your child.

1. If you have a pool in your backyard, you have to make sure to prevent drowning accidents. Did you know that drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under the age of five? You want to be sure your children are protected from the water that is in your home and property. This includes installing a pool fence.

2. Another way to protect your children from drowning – and other dangers that are around – is by adding some kind of a gate in your bathroom doorway. The bathroom holds all kinds of dangers for young children, and you don’t want them in there without your attention.

3. Cover the electrical outlets in your home. Purchase plugs to insert in the outlets to keep small fingers out.

4. Lock up your medicines and move them out of reach. You don’t want there to be even the slightest chance that your young child will get into your medicine, and child safety caps are just not enough protection.

5. Cover the sharp edges of furniture. If you have a coffee table with a design that is very square, consider buying cushioning covers for the corners.

6. Move your knives out of reach and lock them up.

7. When your child has arrived and you are doing baking or cooking in the kitchen, secure the area with a gate to keep the little one away from hot surfaces.

8. Invest in safety equipment for the blinds in your home. Dangling cords are choking hazards.

9. Keep all exercise equipment locked away where your child can’t get to it. Treadmills in particular have been known to cause injury and death for your children.

10. If you have baseboard heating in your home, consider replacing it with another heat source. If you don’t replace it, always watch your young children when they are around the heating source.

11. Move games that contain small pieces out of the reach of young children. Place them on a shelf in the closet where they will not be a choking hazard.

12. Have your water checked. You want to be sure that your water is safe for your little ones, so have it checked for quality and consider purchasing a filter.

13. Remove thick and heavy bedding from your child’s bed. Little ones should not be sleeping with a blanket until they are at least a year old.

14. Lock up your cleaning supplies. Chemical based cleaners are powerful – and dangerous. You don’t want to risk your little one getting into these items and ingesting them.

15. Consider fencing in your yard, especially if you live on a busy street.

Your child is important to you, and you want to do all that you can to keep that little one safe every day. Draw from the previous tips and set out to create a home that is safe and secure for all children.

Notes from a Baby Model’s Mother

babyAll mothers know that their baby is the cutest. Baby modelling can be a great idea for those years before they go to school. What better way to document your child’s development than with professional photos, whilst also being able to put some money aside for later. Here is a story from a mother who discovered baby modelling.

Sarah has had a couple of professional photo shoots recently. I must say I’m very proud of how she responds to the camera. She’s not shy in the slightest, but rather, she loves to pose! I suppose she’s only following in her mum’s footsteps in that respect, I’ve always been self-confident in modelling and social situations. When she’s in front of the camera she smiles and laughs, focusing on the photographer’s lens. She’s only one year old, but perhaps she will want to model professionally when she’s older, too and I will support her 100 per cent. On the other hand, if she wants to do something else, I’ll obviously, whole heartedly, support that too.

The most recent gig was a mother and baby shoot together prior to Mother’s Day. Having the photos taken with Sarah made me a little emotional. Mother’s Day will always have special meaning to me because now I have a child of my own. Some women I know take the moral high ground and have even accused me of exploiting my daughter! I really don’t see it that way. Baby modelling is harmless and basically just gives us a great record of these special early years!

Taking Sarah on a baby modelling shoot with me was no trouble at all. She was very relaxed and curious and loved getting dressed-up in cute outfits, and munching her food in between shots. I loved seeing how comfortable she was, I wasn’t sure beforehand whether it would work out at all. It seemed like a good idea though so I took a little risk. It was a fun day out for her, with people behind the camera jingling bells and singing songs to make her laugh. They really knew how to interact with children and get the best results. After the shoot she had a long nap on the way home in the car which I timed perfectly. I will definitely say yes to other baby modelling shoots for her in the future if she’s always this well behaved!

Baby Modelling is fun for Parent and Baby

Lots of parents wonder whether their baby is suitable for baby modelling and in this article you may find answers to your questions. Every new parent will tell you that their bundle of joy is the cutest little baby on the face of the planet, and who knows, they could be right. But what many parents don’t realise is that there is a lot of demand for baby models, and that baby modelling can be a great way to show off your adorable little tyke to the world. The market for baby care products is one that will remain strong. Regardless of economic conditions, manufacturers of baby care products need to promote their wares in what is a very large and competitive market. 

While starting your child on a path towards a modelling career might be the last thing on the mind of young parents, a modelling photo shoot can be a lot of fun for parents and baby alike. It’s clear from the feedback from parents of baby models that it’s a lot of fun for everyone.  

From a Baby Model Mother

I started my baby modelling at two months, and during the teething months she was very noisy and we couldn’t take jobs on. The thing to know is that when your agency emails you a casting you can actually accept or decline. Getting to a casting is half the work getting accepted at a casting is where you get paid. For my child I found when she was a baby a portfolio was the thing that sold her on the days when she was cranky or tired from the journey to the casting.

babiesIt’s not so much that parents dream of their little baby becoming a model, just that it’s a great experience all round. The photographers and art directors who run the photo sessions are great at working with young babies and anxious parents, because they’ve done it many times before. Parents are put at ease, there is plenty of time for naps and feeds, and they love meeting some of the other parents getting involved. The baby needs to be photogenic and it would be also good if they were quirky with plenty of character as they’ve got to have a sparkle about them. Temperament is also important; they’ve got to be good natured and sociable to put up with meeting lots of strangers.

Baby Modelling for New Mothers

Everyone told you that it would be tough, but you probably didn’t think it would be this tough. Rest assured they do get easier, but the tips spread throughout this article will speed up the process.

If your friends ask how they can help you in the early days, get them to bring you dinner for the first couple of weeks. It’s exciting waiting for the dinner to turn up and people usually prepare their best meals. It’s better than eating in a restaurant every night. Babies are often at their ‘worst’ around dinner time, too. If you were a perfectionist before, give it up. You have lost certain control of your life for quite some time to come. Take power naps. Working people may think they are the ones who invented these but new mothers have always done them. Don’t always do your chores when your baby is asleep. Have a rest and don’t feel guilty about it. You will need your energy if you want to get into baby modelling. If you’re not the type to nap during the day just read a book but give yourself a break. It is not a luxury, it’s an investment. Don’t take every piece of advice about baby rearing to heart. Choose two people who you really trust, listen to what they have to say and take the rest with a pinch of salt. You could go crazy following everyone’s recommendations. Do what you think is best because every baby is different and you know your baby best. Don’t compare your baby with others and don’t rely on the internet to tell you if your baby is sick.

baby modelIf you don’t normally have a house cleaner, get one for the first three months. Hire a friend’s son or daughter to help you out; they will be much more affordable than an agency. It will help your sanity. There is nothing more annoying than nursing constantly on the sofa and having to stare at dirty rugs and stains which never go away. You immediately forget about them the moment you get up and some jobs never get done. Take a break by leaving your baby with a trusted family member or friend from time to time and go for a walk or do something for yourself, have a massage or just go to a café and stare into space for half an hour. You will return much better off, again in love with your baby with energy to spare.

Take advantage of all the baby-friendly activities out there and get out the door! Modelling is just one option. A walk is one of the best things you can do for everyone’s health. One of the best inventions in recent years are mother and baby cinema outings. Some cinemas have dedicated sessions for this. If you are a new mother interested in baby modelling, speak to an agency to make your first steps.