What you need to know about Baby Sleep Positioner

As of September of 2010 Baby sleep positioner is no longer recommended – sleep positioners banned.
Recommended alternative is baby sleep bag.

Baby sleep positioner is a soft sleeping device that should improve safety and comfort of your baby’s sleep. They are made of two rounded cushions or bolsters placed on both sides which should prevent baby to roll to their tummy or to some other awkward position while sleeping. Sleeping on stomach can be dangerous for an infant for it can obstruct her air flow. Therefore encouraging a baby to develop the right sleeping habit should be a major concern of every parent.
With the increased awareness about the SIDS or Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, baby sleep positioners provide additional security and comfort, and also help to relieve the mind of worried parents. SIDS, also known as the crib death, is a sudden death of a healthy infant, which occurs while the baby is asleep. Such cases are not yet explained by medical science and they are certainly a worst nightmare of every parent.
However, many experts claim that the SIDS can be caused by the baby’s sleeping position. They say that the safest sleeping position for babies is sleeping on their back.
As we all know, babies don’t stay in one position during the night, so the baby sleep positioner can help with this.
They are ideal for infant up to seven month of age. When the babies are old enough to roll on their own they are past the most critical period for SIDS.
There are many different baby sleep positioners available.
If you are looking for one, there are several things to keep in mind.
Sleep positioner should allow maximum breathability and airflow so overheating wouldn’t appear. So even if the baby rolls on one side she could still breathe. Materials that are used are usually heavy foam.
Make sure that the sleep positioner can be easily cleaned. Some baby sleep positioners can even be washed in a washing machine.
Baby sleep positioner should be extra comfortable for the baby. It should be made from a material that is gentle to baby’s skin. Rounded cushions should be strong enough to provide support, yet gentle enough so the baby is comfortable if she wiggles around. This can comfort the baby with a sense of coziness and security. These bolsters are usually attached with Velcro so they can easily be removed and cleaned. One should take care that the Velcro is pressed together firmly so the bolsters don’t move around.
Some baby sleep positioners have slightly elevated head area. Those types are a good choice if your baby suffers from breathing issues or apnea. Elevated head area is also appropriate for babies who have issues with gas and reflux.
If you choose a sleep positioner for your baby, be careful that you are using it correctly. Baby’s arms should be out of them so the bolsters are under the baby’s armpits.

Here are few positioners with good customer feedback:
The First Years – Air-Flow Sleep Positioner
For a more detailed information about this product check out the First Years Air Flow Sleep positioner review.

Other baby sleep positioners we would take a closer look at later on are:
Inclined to Sleep
Munchkin Cool Flow Back Sleeper

Update: these sleep positioners are no longer available

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